Regional Constitution


 1.     NAME

The name shall be the “Greater Manchester Region”, hereinafter called the Region.


To support the aims and objectives of the Campaign for Real Ale Limited, (hereinafter called “CAMRA”), within the geographical area of the Greater Manchester Region, which is the area encompassed by the constituent branches.


The Region shall observe the regulations for Regions laid down from time to time by the Directors of CAMRA. Decisions of a general meeting of CAMRA or its Directors shall be binding on the Region.


The Region shall consist of such Branches of CAMRA as are allocated to it for the purpose of the regional organisation of CAMRA by the Directors of CAMRA, notwithstanding that a Branch may also be a member of one or more neighbouring Regions.


The Region shall hold open meetings at least three times in every twelve calendar months. Any member of CAMRA shall be free to attend such meetings.

Meetings shall be organised by the Regional Director or their nominated agent. The Regional Secretary shall ensure that notice of the meeting is displayed in the “box” at the head of the Greater Manchester Branch Diary section of “What’s Brewing” in the month of the proposed meeting. Arrangements should be made at least three months in advance, and details of both date and venue given at the previous Regional Meeting. Meetings shall be chaired by the Regional Director, the Deputy Regional Director, or their nominated agent, usually the Chair of the hosting Branch.


An Annual General Meeting shall be held once every year. Not more than fifteen months shall elapse between one Annual General Meeting and the next. The Regional Director shall chair the AGM. However, in the event of an election taking place for the Position of Regional Director, and where the incumbent is re-standing, the attending National Director shall chair the AGM until the elections of Regional Officers have concluded, at which point the incumbent Regional Director shall resume the chair.

The Regional Director shall ensure that at least 28 days notice is given to all members of the Branches in the Region and to the Directors of CAMRA. Notice of the meeting in the “What’s Brewing” Branch Diary “box” in the issue prior to the month in which the AGM is to be held shall satisfy this requirement.

The AGM may be held on the same day as a normal Regional Meeting or on a different day. Where it is to be held on the same day, the AGM shall take place before the normal meeting.

A quorum for the Regional AGM shall satisfy both the following conditions:

a.       At least one member from 60% of each of the participating Branches shall be present.

b.       At least six members who do not hold an elected Regional Post shall be present.

The business to be conducted at the Annual General Meeting shall include:

i.      The approval of the regional accounts.

ii.      The election of the Regional Director, Regional Treasurer and other Regional Officers as the Region may determine to be necessary.

iii.    The appointment of Auditors.


A Special General Meeting may be called only on the decision of the Regional Director, or as a written request signed by 25% of the Branches in the Region, or by the Directors of CAMRA. At least 21 days clear notice of such an SGM shall be given to all Branches within the Region and the Directors of CAMRA by post, electronic media or other means, as well as by a CAMRA publication which in the ordinary course of events will give sufficient notice. Only persons entitled to vote at an AGM shall be entitled to vote at an SGM.


No resolutions passed or approved at any Regional Meeting shall in any way be binding on any Branch, Branch Official or member.

When a vote is required at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, for any resolution or for the election of any Regional Officer only Branches of CAMRA and the Directors of CAMRA or their duly authorised representative shall be entitled to vote. The Directors of CAMRA or their duly authorised representative shall be entitled to one vote and each Branch in the Region shall be entitled to one vote.

In the event of a tied vote on any resolution, the resolution is deemed defeated.

When a vote is required at an open meeting, voting shall in the first instance be by a show of hands, wherein each paid up member present from Branches within the Region, and each Director of CAMRA present or their duly authorised representative shall be entitled to one vote, however where, amongst all the Branches present, at least one member per Branch from a majority of those Branches shall request it, the matter shall be deferred until the following Regional Meeting, where a final decision shall be reached on the basis of one vote per Branch.

It shall be the duty of Branches during the period between meetings, to discuss and vote on the matter at their own Branch meetings and to mandate a representative, who shall be made known to the Regional Director in advance of the vote at the follow up Regional meeting, and who shall cast their vote in accordance with the Branch mandate.


The Regional Officers shall consist of a Regional Director, Deputy Regional Director, Secretary, Regional Treasurer, Press & Publicity Officer, Regional Young Persons Co-ordinator and such other Officers as shall from time to time be deemed necessary by the Region or required by the Directors of CAMRA or by a resolution of a General Meeting of CAMRA.

The Regional Officers shall be elected at, and hold office from, one Annual General Meeting to the next, when they shall be eligible for re-election. Any member of the constituent Branches of the Greater Manchester Region of CAMRA may serve as a Regional Officer.

The Region may at any open meeting elect a Regional Officer to fill any casual vacancy which arises during the year. Regional Officers elected thus shall hold office until the next AGM when they shall be eligible for re-election.

In the event of the resignation of the Regional Director or other Regional Officer, the Directors of CAMRA may appoint such interim Officers as may be necessary to manage the affairs of the Region until a General Meeting can be properly convened.


Nominations for the posts of Regional Officers shall be in writing to the Regional Director before the meeting at which the election is to take place, signed by a proposer and seconder both of whom shall be members of CAMRA, and accompanied by evidence of the willingness of the nominee to stand.

11.    FINANCE

The financial year of the Region shall commence on the first day of January in each year. The assets of the Region shall be under the control of the Regional Officers and no payments shall be made out of the Regional monies except by authority of both the Regional Treasurer and Regional Director. The Regional Officers shall ensure that the Regional Treasurer keeps proper books of Account which are placed to the credit of an Account in the name of the Region at such Bank as the Regional Officers may from time to time select. Exceptional or capital expenditure outside that which may be considered as ‘day to day’ expenditure for the efficient running of the Region shall be brought to the attention of the next Regional Meeting.

Regional funds shall not be deposited or held in bank or other accounts located outside of the United Kingdom. (e.g. not to be in the Isle of Man or Channel Island Bank Accounts).

Regional funds, not otherwise loaned to CAMRA, shall only be deposited in interest paying accounts from which UK tax is deducted at source.

The Regional Bank Account shall have four authorized signatories, one of whom shall be the Regional Treasurer, another the Regional Director, plus two other appointed officers. All cheques or other orders relating to the Bank Account shall be signed by the two of the authorized signatories. All books relating to the finance of the Region shall be produced to the Directors of CAMRA or their duly authorised representative on demand, on seven days clear notice to the Region. Such notice may be to any Regional Officer or to the Region at any meeting.

12.    AUDIT

The accounts of the Region in each year shall be audited either by a professional auditor OR by two members of CAMRA, neither of whom shall be a Regional Officer of any Region nor a Director of CAMRA. The accounts drawn up shall include combined profit and loss accounts and Balance sheets indicating ALL Monies held by the Region or on behalf of the Region relating to all activities including Beer Festivals and publications run by the Region. Two copies of the Audited Accounts shall be lodged with CAMRA at its Registered Office within one month of the Annual General Meeting.


This constitution may be terminated at any time by the Directors of CAMRA or by an SGM called for that purpose, the business having been notified in the notice convening the same and upon a resolution to that effect being passed by a majority of at least two thirds of those present and entitled to vote. Upon dissolution the assets shall be used firstly to pay off all proper liabilities of the Region and any surplus thereafter shall be paid to CAMRA.


This Constitution may be altered only at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called for that purpose, with the specific alteration having been stipulated in the notice convening the same and subject to the approval of at least two thirds of those present and entitled to vote. Before such alteration shall become effective it shall be approved by the Directors of CAMRA or their duly authorised representative.

15.    NOTICE

The accidental omission to give notice of any meeting to any person entitled to such a notice shall not invalidate any proceedings at the meeting.


Corrected & adopted at the 2013 CAMRA Greater Manchester Regional AGM.

A copy of the adopted constitution can be downloaded here.